An injury of the Swiss cycling idol Fabian Cancellara, who will be named in 2018 for the individual time trial in the context of the RiderMan, prepared the organizers Rik and Kai Sauser of the Sauser Event GmbH in Villingen-Schwenningen only short notice. For the multiple time-trial world champion from Switzerland, none other than the reigning European Track Pursuit Champion Domenic Weinstein, who knows the traditional time trial route over the 16 kilometers very well. Finally, he lives just around the corner in Unterbaldingen, so to speak, the turnaround of the track, which is to complete on Friday afternoon in the ride against the clock for all athletes.

The individual time trial this year carries the well-known title “Chasing Cancellara” and actually the great time trial world champion and two-time Olympic champion would also like to start even at the premiere in Bad Dürrheim. But the 37-year-old former professional cyclist, who officially ended his career two years ago, is still suffering from a foot injury from an bike accident and can not say at the moment if and how he can sit on his time trial machine at the RiderMan 2018 , However, Cancellara will definitely be present at the RiderMan on Friday afternoon.

“But we have found a worthy representative. Local hero Domenic Weinstein, the European Champion of Glasgow 2018, will be the official representative of “Chasing Canellara” and will be the last on the time trial course “, RiderMan boss Rik Sauser is pleased about the coup. “Fabian Cancellara is very happy that with Domenic Weinstein he has been able to find such a successful cyclist for his format in Bad Dürrheim and then one who lives and grew up in the region”, Sauser is pleased and knows it. For the reigning European champion this will be no picnic, to bring his pressure on the road: “We are curious how Domi will compete, compared to all non-professional cyclists,” is thus an interesting question mark in the room.

The veteran Cancellara does not yet know the young champion from Unterbaldingen personally, but he is looking forward to getting to know Domenic Weinstein at the RiderMan. “He is really happy that Domenic will start at” Chasing Cancellara “and the RiderMan,” reveals Rik Sauser. One thing is already certain: Weinstein’s unbelievable fan club from his hometown will be on the track to cheer on the young European champion. The fan club members only have to drop out of their “houses” in time, which are almost directly on the track. The 24-year-old local hero will be the last starter at around 17.30.

“Otherwise, everything runs as usual from the past years. Starters from 22 nations will go to the 16 time trial kilometers on Friday, September 21, starting at 2:10 pm, “Rik Sauser once again points out the great international response that the three-day stage race event in Bad Dürrheim. “It’s true that among the hobby riders the RiderMan is getting more and more popular from year to year, especially abroad. We only receive very positive feedback from the participants and this strengthens us enormously with our team in our work, the organizers are rightly proud of the popular racing format.

“We are looking forward to a great cycling festival over three days in Bad Dürrheim. Rik Sauser reveals that the supporting program once again offers a lot, especially for kids, and is also looking forward to many visitors and fans along the route and in the start and finish area in Bad Dürrheim: “Today they are called” food stations “, but no matter how, they provide for the physical well-being of the visitors and all are of course quite cordial, also invited to the varied program on the Expo stage! “And that should be noted: all with free admission!

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